Below is a small sampling of projects that I've worked on over the years. A large majority of my application work has been behind a privacy(password protected administration applications) wall for internal customers. As I am putting together a portfolio of old projects, I wish I would have saved screen shots and/or video of public web sites and applications I've worked on in the past. They tend to get updated, domains don't get renewed, or I don't have access any longer. Below is a list of projects that I can share.

Talent Appraisal
Custom WordPress Plugin and Theme / PHP / MySQL / CSS / NetBeans IDE

This is a Talent Appraisal system where an appraiser will rate and comment on talent that is assigned to them.

Registration Pages

Registration Pages is an application where users can register for a training session time. Once a user registered for a time, they are giving a outlook calendar ics file. The administrator can set the maximum number of users for each session and have access to the list of all the registered users which can be downloaded in a .csv file. Users can also easily update their registration or unregister.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment
Custom WordPress Plugin and Theme / PHP / MySQL / CSS / NetBeans IDE / Adobe Animate

This emotional intelligence assessment is a list of questions that get calculated on completion to display results on an animated chart. It was designed not to be anonymous so you must login to take the assessment. The assessment is saved and provides the user with a history of previous assessments that they can view their answers as well as the chart. The administration screens provide access to all assessments taken.

J3D Activities
Custom WordPress Plugin and Theme / PHP / MySQL / CSS / NetBeans IDE / JQuery

J3D Activities is a WordPress Plugin for quickly creating Questionnaire forms on a wordpress site. The administration of an activity has a drag and drop interface for quickly creating activities that include many question types and media. Question types include multiple choice questions, selection drop downs, text input, yes/no questions, true/false questions, agree/disagree questions, rankings, and ratings.

Moodle LMS
Open Source Moodle / Learning Management System / SCORM / Javascript / SAML / Adobe Captivate / Adobe Connect/ Actionscript

Moodle is an open source Learning Management System that I have many years of experience with. On this page, I go in to depth with how I've used it, customized it, and created SCORM packages for it. I also discuss how I also administrated Skillsoft's SkillPort and SilkRoads Greenlight LMS.

Restaurant Fast Lane - RFL BBQ
Android / JAVA / PHP / Custom WordPress Plugin

The Restaurant Fast Lane (RFL) is an Android shopping cart application that communicates with custom WordPress plugin. It was designed as an inventory management system for updating shopping cart items for display on a desktop/mobile WordPress site and also reflect in the Android shopping cart application. RFL has the capability to process orders from within WordPress and notify the user of with time the order will be ready. RFL BBQ is an example BBQ restaurant running on Restaurant Fast Lane.

Eurek Alert
Android / JAVA / PHP / Custom WordPress Plugin

Eurek Alert was an Android news reader application that used an rss feed provided by It had a navigation drawer that  had all the categories of of news feeds, a list view for scrolling through all of the articles, and browser activity for displaying the article. The application was build for my class in Android Development class during my Masters Degree program. It ran on phones and tablets and required an internet connection.

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
Custom WordPress Plugin and Theme / PHP / MySQL / CSS / NetBeans IDE

A list of rating questions that get calculated upon completion to display results in 2 tables that get styled based on the calculations. Each assessment is saved and the user has access to their history of previous assessments. On the administration screens, the administrator has a paginated list of all assessments taken.

Roshambo - Rock Paper Scissors
Eclipse / Python / Py2exe

Simple Rock Paper Scissors game written in Python and converted to exe. This game was written in my Software Development class.

MQ-9 Menu Trainer
Flex / Flash / Sqlite / Actionscript 3 / Flash Builder

The MQ-9 Menu Trainer was an emulator of the computer software used to operate the Air Force MQ-9 Reaper drones. The MQ9MT was designed as a training aid for students to install on their laptop computers so they could train the buttons and get familiar with the various screens without having to use valuable simulator time. Having the MQ9MT made it so the simulators could be used for more in depth missions.

Gray Eagle Flight Check
C# / Unity 3D / Visual Studio / Blender 3D

The Gray Eagle Flight Check was a training demo that was designed to take students through a pre-flight checklist for inspecting the aircraft. It was designed for CTI business development to display the 3d game engine capabilities for serious gaming.

Gray Eagle Guided Emulator
FlashBuilder / Flash / Photoshop / Actionscript 3

The Gray Eagle Guided Emulator was an exercise to help students learn select parts of the pre-flight checklist. It was designed for business development as a demo to show how our serious gaming could be used to gamify the learning of the software used to operate the Army's Gray Eagle.

J3D Store
WordPress / Woo commerce / CSS / Sqlite

I had a moment where I thought I wanted to create an online storefront and build a drop shipping business. I went through setting up a business, getting a resale certificate, building an ecommerce site using woo-commerce, getting a supplier, importing the suppliers data into the system, and setting up payment processing.