Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Custom WordPress Plugin and Theme / PHP / MySQL / CSS / NetBeans IDE / Adobe Animate

This emotional intelligence assessment essentially is a list of questions that get calculated on completion to display results on an animated chart. It was designed not to be anonymous so you must login to take the assessment. The assessment is saved and provides the user with a history of previous assessments that they can view their answers as well as the chart.

This was built as a WordPress plugin so it can be installed on a site or multi-site. It uses the WordPress plugin api for creating the database tables within the WordPress database as well as for saving and retrieving data with SQL. The plugin was written in an object oriented way with a class structure as opposed to being written in a functional way with functions in the functions.php file.

Upon installation of the plugin, it creates the necessary pages within WordPress to start the application. No setup required. Just go to the Emotional Intelligence page and begin the assessment.

Because this plugin requires that the user be logged in, I created a WordPress theme which sets the whole site to require login. I recently renamed the theme J3D Private. I may change this. This theme also hides the dark gray WordPress bar that appears at the top when the user is logged in. Only users with admin access get the bar so they can access the administration pages.

On the administration side, Emotion IA appears as a plugin with a page to assessments. The assessments page displays all of the assessments that have been taken. For each assessment, there are buttons to view the answers and view the results.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment Video

Android App Interface. This video is part 1 of the Restaurant Fast Lane Video. The Interface may be easier to see in this video.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

This is the link to the Emotional Intelligence Assessment. It sits on a private site.