J3D Activities

Custom WordPress Plugin and Theme / PHP / MySQL / CSS / NetBeans IDE / JQuery

J3D Activities is a WordPress Plugin for quickly creating Questionnaire forms on a wordpress site. The administration of an activity has a drag and drop interface for quickly creating activities that include many question types and media. Question types include multiple choice questions, selection drop downs, text input, yes/no questions, true/false questions, agree/disagree questions, rankings, and ratings. You can also add various text and media to the forms and reorder them easily with drag and drop. When an activity is created, the page can simply be added to the navigation menus and users can begin using them. All user data is accessible from the administration screens of the J3D Activities plugin.

J3D Activities Video

This video demonstrates the custom J3D Activities WordPress plugin.

J3D Activities site

This site uses a custom theme that makes the site private. The J3D Activities requires that a user be logged in.