Roshambo (Rock Paper Scissors)

Eclipse / Python / Py2exe

This was a game that was designed as part of my Software Development class while working on my Masters Degree in Information Technology. It was supposed to be a simple game and I don't think it had a GUI requirement. I just couldn't make it text only. It had to be written in Python and so I used Python 3.3 with  Eclipse as my editor.

While making this site, I decided to make it an exe file so it could be easily downloaded and ran without requiring an install of Python to run it. I downloaded Py2exe, updated my path environment variable, created a file, compiled my Python code to exe, zipped it up, and uploaded it. Below is the zip file. Enjoy!

Roshambo Zip

Press the link to download. Unzip the file to your preferred location(or Desktop). Open the Roshambo folder and press the Roshambo.exe file to play the game. Have fun!

Software Requirements Specification


Software Design Specification